EMF declares the following commitments to continuously improve its environmental performance, make sustainable contributions to its activities and society, and to implement the Environmental Policy;

  • To comply with all environmental regulations,
  • Minimizing and controlling environmental pollution at its source,
  • To continuously improve the environmental management system,
  • To reduce scrap and waste rates and to follow firm performance,
  • To anticipate the environmental impacts of our products that may pose a danger throughout the design phase,
  • Using raw material resources that will not endanger health,
  • To protect our natural resources, follow our water and electricity consumption and take protective measures to prevent unnecessary consumption,
  • To ensure the efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources,
  • To control all activities in order not to harm ecological balance,
  • To ensure the protection of biodiversity by increasing environmental awareness, to be sustainable with the products it produces and to provide improvements that will reduce climate change continuously,